08/14/2020 Hart Road at US Route 14 Construction Update

August 14, 2020
Binder Placed on N. Hart Road

This week, all driveways throughout the project were completed, all traffic signals and traffic signal electrical work was completed and sections of curb and gutter and sidewalk were placed on Hart Road and US Route 14.  


On Monday, August 17, 2020,the traffic signals at US Route 14 and Hart Road will be activated at 10:00 am. Please be prepared for traffic delays between 9:00 am and noon, as the traffic signals are being tested and activated. Also on Monday August 17, 2020, the detour for South Hart Road will be removed.  It should be noted that the existing detour for North Hart Road will remain in place.  


Next week,work will begin on the retaining wall at the NE corner of Hart and US Route 14,landscaping will be occurring throughout the project and relocation of the sanitary force main on the North side of US Route 14 will begin.